Saturday, July 10, 2010

believe it or not...

..THIS is whats been occupying my dreams as of lately.

I know it doesn't look like much, but TRUST me this run down, deserted home has great potential and would be the perfect place for Aleksi and I to rest our heads at night. I agree the front of the house is not much to look fact during my apartment/home searches I drove past it a couple of times and didn't even write down the number. Finally, we decided to go get the key and check it out. Nice size living room, big front window, fireplace, HARDWOOD floors through-out. They say its a 3 bedroom, but I say 2 bedrooms with a smaller room--maybe for scrapbooking?? :) 2 backyards..yes, TWO (one with a firepit). Aleksi and I have completely fallen in love with it. Unfortunately, its about 150 more then we would like to pay each month.

Out of the several, SEVERAL places that I have looked at and called on..its the only place that I get excited about and the only place that I can really picture coming home to after all the amazing dates I will be having with hot guys.

We (me,aleksi and her two brothers) actually call it The Ghost House. When we walked around to the backyard we saw a small, wooden swing hanging from the big tree in the back and it was slightly creepy. It also has a cellar under the house that we are 80% positive is the home for this girl...

scary, right?

I first had nightmares about it, but they quickly turned into thoughts and dreams of how cute we could make that house. We decided that we could live with the creepy homegirl under the floor if we put a nice, heavy desk right on top of her exit.

I know I just need to get over it, we can't afford the place, but thats easier said then done. I'm going to call the property manager on Monday and try my best to convince her (because it is run down and needs work) to come down on the price.

I doubt it will happen, but wish me luck!