Sunday, August 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home......?

Aleksi and I got the keys to our house on Friday.
What should have been a really exciting day was actually quite overwhelming.
We moved all of our stuff in and quickly realized that we really don't have a lot of stuff.
Aleksi has a TON of clothes and I have a lot of scrapbooking stuff. That's it.
We have a big, empty house that needs a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK.
Aleksi and I spent hours in the backyard yesterday weeding, raking and finding treasures.
Treasure=2 dead birds, tennis ball, dice, a broken gardening tool and a lot of never-before-seen bugs.
We managed to get several huge piles of sticks, weeds, and dead leaves and it still doesn't look like we made a dent. *sigh*
Someday I will be able to post "after" pictures and they will be darling, I promise you that. Until then enjoy these ugly "before" pictures of our new house (not yet a home).

(excuse the boxes and bags--we still haven't completely unpacked the stuff we do have)
Living Room


We are dying to rip down the nasty wall paper border and we thought we wanted to paint the cupboards, but quite a few people have said that we shouldn't. What do you think?

Laundry Room

This room will look much better when a washer and dryer occupy the dirty corner.

Bathroom--the only thing thats semi-new in the entire house.

Aleksi's room

My Room--don't you just love the stars??
Craft Room
This room is mostly windows and will be darling with a fun color of paint on the walls. I'm mostly excited to decorate this room..obviously.


The backyard wraps around the whole its pretty decent sized. The open gate you see in the picture leads to our SECOND backyard--which is mostly dead grass and a firepit.

FYI..this picture was taken *before*our yardwork.