Friday, February 26, 2010


So let me preface this post by saying that anyone that knows me knows that
I am an animal lover.
I LOVE animals.
(Probably to a fault)
However, for whatever reason I get THE biggest kick out of startling animals.
NOT scaring them, just startling them.
My mother says I have a wicked streak in me...this is true.
So quite some time ago I was hanging out with a friend and what else do you do when you are bored, but look at Youtube videos.
He shared one with me that I have probably now watched over 30 times.
I DIE laughing everytime.
You know how there are just certain things that make YOU laugh and everyone else just goes "...really?"
I think this video may be one of those things.
The other day I was on my lunch break at work and I was sitting down talking with some co-workers about youtube videos. I (of course) brought up this particular one.
"Have you seen the panda bear sneezing?!?"
bewildered co-workers: ""
So we go to the computer and I look it up for them.
I HATE whenever you go to look up something on youtube and its the video you want, but someone has tampered with the original video, so it's actually NOT the video you are looking for...Does that make sense? Well, if will.
THIS is the video I wanted to show them.

Now I need to share with you that at work we just got a new computer with speakers. Speakers that we didn't quite know how to use yet. Lets just say that we were unaware that the volume was set to HIGH and the video was shared with more viewers then it was intended for.

Instead, they saw and HEARD this.

Yes. THAT video played loudly while a few customers shopped. I COULD NOT find the volume control anywhere. I was SO embarrassed. I looked up to find a sweet 80 year old lady laughing HYSTERICALLY at me and the "noises" that were coming in my direction.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shopping Spree

I HATE saving money.
How many different ways can I say it?
I'm no good at it either.
I am trying to save money for future adventures, plans in the making, things I need to have money for. I hate that money is such a necessity.
I don't get those people that say "money can't buy you happiness"
who are those people?
are they for real?

Sure..I guess it can't buy you eternal happiness just temporary, but heck..I would love to be "temporarily" happy with a shopping spree right now.
Today I had to go to the mall because I ran out of make-up.
I think I should invest in a pair of blinders for situations such as this.

ps. someone should tell her, her eyelashes make her look ridiculous.
I kept telling myself "go in, grab what you NEED and get out."

It doesn't help though when your destination is SEPHORA.

Have you been to a Sephora?

holy cow.

I could probably spend an absurd amount of time in that store. Long story short. I did good. I went what I needed and got out. I found lots of cute things I wanted to get, but I didn't.

I was strong.

So on the way home I rewarded myself by stopping at Target and getting a new shirt....kidding.

So after getting home with my ONE, TINY bag with ONE item in it. I decided to have a fake shopping spree.

IF I had lots of extra money to spend, this is what I would spend it on right now:

Aren't they adorable? *sigh* I would wear them to bed.

I don't think I have ever loved a bag so much before in my life. This purse SINGS to me.

*cough* combined siblings b-day present? *cough*

Anthropologie (on sale) :)

I love these kind of hats. They are so artsy looking.

I have wanted a Polaroid camera for SO long now. Someday..........

I asked the lady at Sephora today how to make "ugly poop-brown" eyes stand out. She said wear golds, bronze, greens and purples. Then I saw this. :)

No, this is not a fancy bib. Its a necklace and I would rock it. It's SO cute.
Maybe I can make one? :)[]=tags&includes[]=title

I LOVE this little turquoise flower ring. Just what my finger needs.[]=tags&includes[]=title

Every future designer needs one.

All this "shopping" has made me hungry.

My last purchase is this...

You have NOT lived unless you have had Pinkberry. It's delish.

If only...

Friday, February 19, 2010


"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hardwork, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those that believe." - Gail Devers

China in itself was life changing. A growing experience.
There was one day.
One day that stood out more then the rest.

May 4, 2008

It was the day I climbed The Great Wall of China.

" ...When I found out I was going to China I would have dreams about being on the great wall. When I was actually there it felt as if I was standing on my dream. I had worked so hard to get there and I finally was. It was such an amazing that brought tears to my eyes. I felt as if I could conquer the world. I could have stayed up on that wall forever. It really was the best day of my life. I will never forget my experience there..."
{part of an email I sent home}

There are several sections of The Great Wall. We decided on going to the Simatai portion. Before going I remember researching online about the Simatai section and a certain website said "Simatai is celebrated for its steepness, queerness and intactness..." (They weren't joking) My first thought after reading that was "celebrated? I don't know how much I am going to want to "celebrate" when my calves are on fire and I'm throwing up over the side of the wall." I don't know if ANY pictures can really portray how steep/scary some parts of this wall are, but it was ridiculous. I remember at one point being on all 4's climbing.

There are lots of websites that say different things, but The Great Wall is approximately 4,000 miles long. INSANE. They must have been REALLY scared. I am not a historian. To be honest, I hated history when I was in school, but In my head this is how the conversation went..

chinese leader: "think..what can we do to protect ourselves..?"

over-zealous man: "we could fight!!"

chinese leader: " don't be ridiculous. have you seen us? we are tiny."


same man--not so zealous: " a great big wall?"

chinese leader: "brilliant. go. "

(1400 years later)

enemies: "what the....a WALL?! No one said anything about climbing a wall. Im outtie"

Sorry, China. I don't mean to make light of something so sacred. I love you and your wall.It's nearly 2 years later and my memory of that day is still so vivid.

Even now I CANNOT believe that I was there.
I am one of the few that can say.." The Great Wall? been there. done that."
If I didn't have the pictures to prove it I don't even know if I would believe it myself.

This picture was taken from the top of the wall, where you zip line. :)

yes. I zip lined off The Great Wall of China. things you should know before watching my video:

  1. I look beat. Don't judge me. I had just finished spending hours climbing the steepest wall EVER.
  2. I am holding my camera myself (I was scared I was going to drop it, you will hear me say that in the video)
    So its all over the place. It gets noisier when I turn the camera toward the direction I am going in because of the wind.
  3. I'm a girl and I scream like one in the video. Sorry.
  4. ** Pay special attention to the end** As I am getting closer to the bottom I start talking to the person down below about how excited I am to be alive. They are yelling at me to stand up as I am insulting her by thinking she is a man.
  5. enjoy :)


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sunshine and Chocolate

It's late.
I have a headache.
I'm tired...physically and emotionally.
All of these conditions means that I am in NO condition to be blogging, but yet, here I am.
Want my advice?
Leave my blog NOW. It's not too late.
For those of you that still dare to read...I apologize.
I apologize for the venting session that is about to take place.
If I could sum up the last couple of days with one word it would be...UGH.
Which technically, I don't know if "ugh" is a word, but nonetheless Urban Dictionary has a definition for it.
UGH: a sound of disappointment or really not happy with something.
Do hear that?
That is the sound of Urban Dictionary hitting the nail on the head.
Disappointment being the keyword.
I would much rather my friends or family yell at me then say they were disappointed in me. You're disappointed with me?
Well, join the club. I think I now have a semi-long list of people that are or have been disappointed in me.
Trust me, I'm on that list most of the time as well.
I know..."it's apart of life" and "you can't make everyone happy" but, my gosh, you would think after 24 years of life it would get easier to hear.
It never does.
Do you ever feel like someone could be living YOUR life better then YOU?
Because I do.
I wish that sometimes I could just check out (not in like a suicidal way) and have someone else live my life for...uh...I don't know 6 months?
They could make my parents proud, they could make my friends happy, they could do better at my job, they could magnify my church calling, they could strengthen my testimony, they could improve my talents, they could get my life back on track and then I will check back in the game.
Doesn't that sound nice? Maybe they could do some hardcore dieting and exercising while they're at it. Now THAT sounds lovely.
I will start taking applications.
It's not that I am lazy and don't want to try to change, I do, but sometimes I feel like its never going to be enough. That I am not enough.
Now, please don't leave a comment with your doctors name and number.
I don't need anti-depressants, I promise. It's just one of those days.
Nothing that can't be cured with a little sunshine and chocolate.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I left my heart in China...

121 days.

That's how long I called China "home."

I'm sure many of you know this already, but if you don't, I had the wonderful opportunity to teach english in China for 4 months.

To this day it is STILL the best decision I ever made for myself.

[This is a horrible picture, it was taken from the plane. It's the FIRST time I saw China.]

If any of you have ever traveled out of the country you know that the culture can take some time getting used to. China was no exception. China feels like a different WORLD. It's crazy to me that a country can be so technologically advanced, but yet so far behind at the same time. There were MANY things in the beginning of my life there that took time to get used to, but after awhile I realized they were some of the things that I loved most about China.

For example:

China would not be China if you didn't fear for your life everytime you got into a taxi. It's as if the drivers had no regard for human life.

China would not be China if your food didn't sometimes have eyes staring back at you.

China would not be China if you couldn't eat a delicious sweet potato that was served off an upside down trash can.

China would not be China if you didn't have people stare at you in the most
non-discrete way possible.

China would not be China if the people didn't take pictures of you as if you were a celebrity.

China would not be China if you didn't go to the bathroom in a trench infront of everyone.
(I NEVER got used to this one).

These things took time to appreciate.

Something that took no time at all to appreciate?

The people.

I fell in love with them instantly.

The people of China are the kindest, most hardworking people I have ever met. So eager to help. So friendly. When you smile at them, they light up. Can you imagine how different our country would be if we were more like the people of China? After coming back to America that was the hardest part for me. Getting used to Americans again. For awhile, I felt anger towards Americans. They had no idea how lucky they were, they still don't.
I miss the people of China.

I miss them all.the.time.

ESPECIALLY my students. Isn't it amazing how much a child can change your life? Any mother or father I am sure can attest to that. I am so blessed to have met these children.
They will never know the impact they made on my life.

They made it better.

Thank you, China.

Wo Ai Ni. [ I love you]

Ps. this is the first of MANY posts about China.