Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Swimsuit

So fortunately its getting hot and laying out while floating in the pool will be on my TO-DO list soon enough.
Unfortunately, good weather=swim suit season. Ugh...

BUT...I am in DESPERATE need of a new swim suit, so I bought this.

Too bad the bod doesn't come with the suit...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

" You and me together we'll be..."

I have always had the ability to entertain myself.
I think its something that comes along with being the youngest child. When you start to lose your older siblings aka playmates (I dislike hugh hefner for making that a dirty thing) to New Kids on the Block,sports, scooters and Babysitters Club books... you learn to use your imagination very quickly.
Unfortunately for our family pets, I turned to them.
When it finally reached the point that all of my older siblings had started school and it was just me and mom at home I remember taking our cat Sammy in my bedroom with me. I would try to dress him up and put him in my pink and green plastic stroller, which was a difficult task as you can imagine. I remember my mom calling me for lunch and being afraid that if I let Sammy go that I may not be able to find him again once I was done eating. So I would lock him in my room. After I finished my lunch I would get distracted with some other activity or toy and completely forget that pour Sammy was still in my bedroom. This exact situation happened nearly everyday.
My love for cats (animals in general) started at a young age and I believe the dislike animals feel for me started around the same time.
About a month ago I was looking through some old family pictures and I laughed out loud when I found several ones of me holding different cats. I can think of at least 2 or 3 home videos where my siblings are dancing or just playing infront of the camera and I am in the background chasing after a cat. I remember another particular video of my mom recording my sister outside and she was singing for the camera(we have a lot of those) and you see me walk up to my mom crying rubbing my arm. I had just gotten scratched by a cat. I think I cried for about a minute before I started chasing it again.

As a family we have a had a LOT of cats in our days.
We have 3 right now. My mom doesn't like all 3 cats to be in one room at the same time...she thinks it makes us look like those crazy cat people that are probably hiding 10 more in the next room (we aren't by the way).

Do you know of or remember the movie Oliver & Company?? This scene has ALWAYS reminded me of myself.

Would you find that funny or weird if I told you that I sing this song to my cats sometimes?

The whole inspiration for this post is that today is Jack & Stellas birthday.

They are 1 year old today
(P.S. normally I would not remember my pets birthdays, but today is also my real life best friends birthday--shout out to Sister Raney!)

Jack & Stella

As you can tell I *still* like dressing them up. Isn't it amazing how even animals can look annoyed??

"Im too old for this..."-jack


Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Adventures of Bostody and Yestica

It was a sunny day in Provo, UT when I first met Jessica Oliver.
I had the day off and was all alone in my apartment when her and a friend knocked on my door.
They were thinking about moving into the complex and just wanted to see the inside of the apartments (you get these kind of knocks a lot when you live in Provo).
I of course let them in and answered there questions. I felt like I was in an interview and just as she was leaving she said "ok, well thanks, I will let you know what we decide."
I crossed my fingers and told her " I hope I win!"

I won.


Its been 5 years and we are STILL the best of friends.

(jess came to visit me in California in 2008)

We have done pretty good about keeping in contact with one another, but even if we hadn't...Jessica is one of those friends that no matter how long its been, it feels like no time has passed at all. I LOVE that.

I recently flew to Texas to visit her and I have missed her everyday since. Time flies when you laugh a lot and when Jess and I are together, we laugh a LOT.I had never been to Texas and Jessica made sure to show me a good time.

Beach, ferries, funnel cakes, henna tattoos, boardwalks, delicious ribs--made by her father that cooks better then any restaurant we ate at in Texas.

I L.O.V.E this girl and am very grateful that I was home the day she came knocking.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I really did "LOL"

Work right now is CRAZY. We have 2 huge events coming up at the end of this month and I created a make-n-take for one of them. Its a mini album and today I was writing out the instructions for it. I was trying my best to be descriptive since we are not providing individual pictures for each page. I had to describe that I wanted them to use the glitter lightly and to not pour it on their page. Without even thinking about it, I started typing....

" ...stamp your image down on your paper and while the ink is still wet, grab you glitter and shake it like a salt shaker..."

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD for a long, long time (I still am).

FYI: I didn't change it.

PS. this is only funny if you know that its a line out of a ying yang twins song. If you don't know the song, please don't look it up. Its nasty.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Keepin it real on the Sabbath

It's Sunday.
It's Sunday and our blow dryer broke.

(PS. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. Life has been too busy! Texas and Wedding pictures coming soon!)