Thursday, February 3, 2011

We weren't invited... the party that obviously happened in our backyard.

Stef, Aleksi and I have noticed some foot prints that were left behind in the snow by some nightly guests.
With the exception of the last few days (that have been like 3 degrees) we have had decent weather, for a Utah winter. The sun came out and melted away almost all of the snow on the ground.
Thats when I found piles and PILES of this...

Yup. Little hispanic children sneak into our backyard at night and dump cans of black beans EVERYWHERE.


So I guess our "foot prints" were more "hoof prints", because I counted--no joke-- probably like 10 piles of these little deer droppings on only 1 side of my yard.

Every party has a pooper. And this party must have been BoOoring because there is a lot of poop.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Urban Dictionary describes the word Crave as...
" having an overwhelming desire and need for a certain thing. "
Some of my cravings would include: chocolate, sleeping, a cute boy to cuddle with, thrift store shopping, being creative, Molly (my bff)...
But NEVER have I experienced a craving such as this...

These boys are THE funnest boys you will ever play with and they live WAY too far from me.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


(The pictures are not great. I didn't have any roomates home to model them at the time I snapped a few shots. sorry.)

Saw some earmuffs at a boutique in Park City, UT.

They were charging like $45 for them.

I made them for $2.00

I probably shouldn't have mentioned how much I made them for, but would you buy them for like 10 or 15??