Saturday, June 12, 2010

♥ me some good jeans

I'm organizing and cleaning out my closet in preparation for my big move to Utah in a few weeks.
I was going through my clothes and trying to get rid of a lot of the ones I haven't worn in awhile.
I have a confession.
I have a pair of American Eagle jeans that I can't seem to throw away. They are old, stained, full of holes, but they have always been my favorite pair of jeans...ever purchased.
I know it seems so silly to hold onto something like that, but I have tried a handful of times to throw them in the trash and I just can't do it.
I remember the day I bought those jeans. It was my very first pair of AE jeans and I saved up for them (50 bucks for a pair of jeans was a lot to me). I remember how good I felt in them. I remember how bummed I was when I got paint on them right under my left knee. I was wearing them when I had my very first kiss @ 16.
Isn't it crazy how many memories can be tied into a single article of clothing??
Maybe its just me.
I should make something out of them. Maybe a beach bag or something..? I don't know, but there they sit and with me they will stay.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

WARNING: Venting taking place

I'm not typically a fighter, but right now..I could be.
I'm so, SO, SO mad right now.
Remember the post where I talked about the new swimsuit I bought?? Well, I received it and wasn't too happy with the color on me, so I sent it back to exchange it for another color.
This was about a month ago and I still haven't gotten my exchange, so I called DownEast and they said that they never received the return.
I called the Packing and Shipping place that I mailed it from. The lady that I talked to was like Indian I think and I promise I'm not racist, but imagine how frustrated I already was feeling and trying to talk to someone with an accent wasn't helping.
I couldn't find my receipt (again, it was like a month ago), but I knew exactly what day it was that I mailed it. She told me that the only time someone sent a package to that location was back in 2007. She then went on to tell me that they didn't even have my name or number in their system so I probably didn't mail it from their location.
"No, I KNOW I mailed it from your store. How many employees work there?"
"me and one other person"
"a young girl?"
"long dark hair?"
I didn't say the last one, but I should have.
I mailed TWO items off that day and only one made it to their destination. I was angry..I am angry and towards the last part of our conversation I sounded like it. I should have tried a little harder to stay cool because I work in the service industry and I hate when customers take out their frustration on me. She asked for my number and said she would call if my swimsuit ever showed up. So thats it folks, my swimsuit is gone...lost. Probably on some daughter or wife of a FedEx delivery man.
I hope they look good in a black and yellow floral print halter.

HeLLo YeLLoW...

I don't do favorites.
It's really hard for me. I have never been the kind of girl that can choose a favorite anything. In fact, I hate when people ask me that question, "whats your favorite_______ (movie, book, band, color, meal, etc.)?" I always give them at least 5 answers.
However, sometimes I can go through a little phase where I can obsess over something. For instance, when I first heard the song Sort of by Ingrid Michaelson--she is the only artist I listened to for days.
Right now, I am obsessed with a color. It's a color that I NEVER have considered to be one of my favorites, but right is.
Anything yellow I completely am drawn to. Sunglasses, clothes, dishes, pillows, jewelry. Maybe because its summer and yellow is a summery kind of color. I love summer. I love yellow.

(Just realized its been nearly a month since I have blogged--whoopsie. Maryland trip still to come.)