Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blast from my chinese past..

Shawn was one of the guards at the school I taught at in China. We became bosom buddies. I would go visit him on a daily basis and he soon saw what apparently no american boys can see. Shawn would write me letters, tell me he loved me and he even bought me flowers one time. After I returned back to the states we did a pretty good job about keeping in touch for the first few months..then life happened and the emails stopped. It's been over 2 years since I last talked with him, but yesterday I opened up my inbox to a special little chinese treat.

Hi, cortney, i miss you. I have not keept in with you for about tow years. are you married? or you have boy friends? I do want to enbrace you again. Last year my parents introduce me a girl friend. we had kept in for about a year. at begins, we were crasy in love. but later we often were to quarrel about our future. last month we parted company. these days i am unhappy. say yours things.

yours, shawn